IMG_3051For young girls, starting to wear makeup is a big step and can be daunting as well as exciting. Parents want their daughter to look age appropriate, and not hide behind the veil of makeup.

Teenage years are hard, and with skin and body changes it’s very easy for your daughter to loose her self confidence.

I’ve designed these makeup lessons to teach teenage girls how to properly do their makeup for school and when they want to make themselves up a little more.

I’m a big believer in what is age appropriate, and customise my lessons to suit your daughters age group. My lessons with young teenagers cover the basics of makeup, where my lessons with young adults cover more in-depth makeup techniques and looks.

Generally all these lessons cover applying a base, covering blemishes, a little bit of colour on the cheeks, a little bit of eye makeup (depending on the age group) and lips. I will also cover what products to use, how to purchase them, how to use them and to enhance their natural beauty. I will also cover basic skin care.

This service is available as a one-on-one makeup lesson or as a workshop for groups of 5-12. Both services include the use of my products and brushes.

The one-on-one lesson runs for about 2 hours, and will be more in depth, as we can often cover a weekend look in the time allowed. Depending on how your daughter learns best, I can do a makeup on her that she then recreates, or I do half her face and she matches.

The workshop also runs for about 2 hours, and starts with a demonstration on the hostess. The guests will then be able to practice the makeup on themselves or a partner and I will provide personal assistance.

Should you like this service to be more customised, Contact Charlotte to arrange the right lesson for your daughter.

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