Have you ever wondered if you’re wearing the right makeup for your skin type and colouring? Or if you’re applying your makeup in the right way to bring out your best features?​ A one-on-one makeup lesson provides you with the skills to help you look your best every day. ​In your lesson I will cover:​

  • Selecting the appropriate products and tools
  • Correct application of products
  • Highlighting your best features
  • Tips and tricks of the trade

Your makeup lesson will run for an hour and a half to two hours. If you wish to have another person present at the makeup lesson, the second person is charged at a discounted rate.​ In the lesson we cover only one look, but if you’d like to do more than one look, the second is charged at a discounted rate and can be done on the same day or at another time. ​This makeup lesson makes a great gift, and gift vouchers are available on request.

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